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Apr 24, 2017

Terry Ilous and Patt Fontaine came to America from their native France in the mid-80's where they put together the rockers XYZ. Over the next six years, the band would release two studio albums, break up and eventually reform with two more albums coming out in the mid-2000's. 

In 2010, Ilous filled in for Jack Russell in Great White and, a year later, was made the permanent lead singer after Russell left to start his own version of the group. 

On Friday, April 28, Terry is releasing his latest solo album, Gypsy Dreams, a great set where Ilous covers a number of rock classics but does it with a special twist. He has stocked his band with musicians well versed in Latin and Flamenco styles, giving classics from "Heaven and Hell" to "Whole Lotta Love" to "Ride Like the Wind" a unique and special sound.