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Aug 20, 2015

Probably best known as the drummer for David Letterman's World's Most Dangerous Band and, when he changed networks, the CBS Orchestra, Anton Fig has also worked with a long list of artists since the 70's. 
Fig was born and raised in South Africa but moved to Boston in his late teens to study at the New England Conservatory of Music. After graduation in 1976, he moved to New York where he started a career as a freelance musician. In 1978, he played drums on Ace Frehley's solo album and, later, was a member of Frehley's Comet. He was also a "ghost drummer" for KISS, playing on all but one track on the album Dynasty and all of the tracks on Unmasked
Outside of his KISS and Ace Frehley work, he played with a long line of artists including Bob Dylan, B.B. King, Warren Zevon,  Peter Frampton and many more along with being a member of the group Spider. 
In 1986, Anton joined the Paul Shaffer led band for David Letterman's late night show, a position he would hold for 29 years. Over that time, Fig would have the opportunity to play with practically every artist of the time and, between his Letterman gig and his history of studio work, he was able to assemble an amazing lineup of guest stars for his first album, Figments. 
The album was re-released on Friday, August 14 after having a limited run of copies in 2002. Joining Fig on the album are such artists as Brian Wilson, Ace Frehley, Blondie Chaplin, Ivan Neville, the late Richie Havens, Sebastian Bach, Al Kooper, Chip Taylor, Chris Spedding, Donald Duck Dunn and Booker T. and the M.G.'s. 
Album: Figments by Anton Fig
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