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Jun 29, 2015

The VVN Music Podcast Episode 4 with Guest Ted Kalo of the Music First Coalition.

If you listen to any episode of the VVN Music Podcast, this is the one.

Veteran music artists are looking at a future where they could receive no income for the music that they've recorded. 

Currently, most of these musicians are paid when one of their recordings is sold but, as we transition from sales of music to streaming, that revenue could go away. Currently, most major on-line services do not pay royalties to the performers for any record made before February of 1972. 

AM and FM radio stations pay no royalties no matter when the music was recorded. 

The Music First Coalition is spearheading legislation currently in congress to do away with these inequities. 

00:00 - Introduction

00:55 - Interview with Ted Kalo of the Music First Coalition. 

To write your congressperson, go to

30:25 - The top records of June 29, 1963